Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 3 "Tired and Obsessive"

So I didn't go work out last night. I feel bad but its not like I'm not going to work out at all. I will go tonight, I have no reason not to. Last night I was sore like no other so that's why I didn't go. I know I know just more excuses, but in all acutality I just didn't want to go. Tonight I don't want to go but I'm going to make myself go. I need to get on a regualr routien and just do it! And I really think that once I get back to where I was before I took a month off I'll be able to go 4 days a week like I want to. I just have to get my muscles conditioned to the pain. Once that happens I'll be golden
Today has been pretty good and I've done fairly well on my eating habits. I got full off of a home made turkey sandwhich with mustard and pepper and a bowl of easy mac. Which is surprising. I remember the day that I would eat that and then some. So slowly but surely I will get there. I may not reach my goal by June like I want to but I will closer than I am now. :) I have decided that I'm not going to do fast food any more. Other than Subway...thats like my life line haha! if I forget my lunch then I have to have some place to go and thats really the only place I can go that is still healthy for me, and tastes good.
Work today is ok. Its been busy which is nice cause it helps the day go by faster but at the same time it sucks cause it just wears me out faster. Which I don't need so that I can go to the gym after work and not be miserable. Some might say I'm a bit obsessed with this whole weight loss thing. But I feel like if I don't obsess about it then it won't happen. I'm the type of person that if I don't give something 100% then I'm not going to do it at all. And I am doing my best for that to not happen.
Is it weird that I want to lose weight so that I can just get pregnant?! :)

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